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MoneyGram International, Inc. is an American money transfer company based in the United States with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has an operations center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and regional and local offices around the world. MoneyGram businesses are divided into two categories: Global Funds Transfers and Financial Paper Products. The company provides its service to individuals and businesses through a network of agents and financial institutions.


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mark says


maria magana says

"Today I went to a supermarket with a moneygram in it and the cashier ( Man) was not realy nice and he was calling on his phone while attending me and he asksfor the code so I give him the number and he says in a bad way "Give me it!"then he says "I can only give you $400"so I ask "Then I say were do I see the total and he says I gave him the wrong code.REALY REALY REALY TERRIBLE SEVERVICE!!!!"

Ken Miller says

"Tried to transfer money from prepaid card to debit card. They canceled the transaction after they took my money of $3035. Claimed it would be 3-10 days before I would receive a refund. Tried repeatedly to contact them as customer service is almost nonexistent. Was finally told there was an error on the receiver end (which was myself) and there was nothing they can do that it took the bank that long to process a refund. Funny how they can withdraw money in less than 5 minutes, but can’t return for 3-10 days. Will NEVER do business with them again. Plan on a lawsuit."

Sandy J Clark says

"Cancelled my money sent to brother. No explanation. 12/13 still no refund..I want my money back. Emailed several times. Scam they steal your money. Refund my money!!!!!"

Donnie Austin says

"MoneyGram closed my account today without a legitimate explanation. I have had an account for over 3 years and used it regularly to send money overseas and to family in the USA. Without notice as I was attempting to send money to a friend overseas last week my account was removed. I called customer service ( which is a false title for the interaction you receive from their company ) . I called to inquire why my account was closed. They asked me a series of questions about the receiver ( which I thought was really strange ) then they stated the so called " security department " has permanently closed my account. I asked why? They stated they couldn't tell me. What? Is this corporate hide and go seek? They ask questions but give no answers? If I'm a customer, and you're a company that has made money from the fees you've charged me over the years. The least your so called "security department" can do is state why you're permanently closing my account. If it's because of a problem with the receiver, then say so! This quasi customer service that treats customers as if we don't have any consumer rights to know why our accounts are suddenly closed seems to me to be a good basis for beginnig a Class Action Lawsuit! If at all possible find other means to send money to friends and family before this happens to you. And if enough consumers experience the same results and harm from having accounts closed without explanation and receivers blocked from picking up legitimate transfers, we should do something about it. Don't let them get away with such harmful business practices without repercussions. There is power in numbers! Keep a tally of how many other MoneyGram customers experience this same result before and after this review. I filed this review the 16th of December 2020."

Baboucarr Touray says

"For me Money gram is the worst of all. When I was told yesterday that someone was scam exactly how we were stolen last year, I was mad and I decide to write this comment to warn you all out there. Last year someone sent us money to buy him a car and ship it Africa. He sent us the cost of the car at Western union. We received all without zero issue. He later sent us €800 for the shipment fee at moneygram. After few days my wife and I went to moneygram to cash the money. We were told that someone cash the money from Berlin with the exact name like my wife, a city where she never visited in her entire life. The sender lunch a complaint in Mailand where he sent the money. After some day’s money gram told him their so-called investigation was over the receiver was the intended receiver. Nothing will they do to protect their customers. Since then I warn all my friends and family members never to use MoneyGram. They will never protect the interest of their customers. Somebody have access to all the records and if you miss two days or more for not not collecting your money then its gone."

Klant says

"If the online platform works properly. You can "transfer money easily" But the online platform does not always work good and often has bugs. At the moment our money is circulating somewhere and no one can help us further. We have contacted the services several times by phone and have to wait always long, we always have been put through and at the end still no answer and / or help. In case of problems you are on your own"

Sam hope says

"It is 2 am now and I have been on the phone since 6 pm last night on and off with multiple money gram agent to get the money to my wife overseas . Very rude people and bad customer service . They put the transaction on hold multiple times and interrogated me and my wife for very personal information. This is a clear infringement on privacy and rights . I will never ever use the service again"

Michelle Van Reeuwyk says

"PSA: Don't use this company! Alternatives such as Western Union, PayPal - literally ANY other competitor will be better. They have "lost" my transaction. Customer service is non-existent; most of the representatives don't know what they're talking about and will send you on a wild goose chase to pickup locations - which their website isn't correct about which locations offer their services. 90 days is an unacceptable amount of time to find out what is going on with an etransfer, let alone receive it. Any time you're transferred to a manager, the call is conveniently dropped. My client paid $10 for a service that isn't anywhere close to as stated. That's an extremely high fee for literally the worst customer experience I've ever had. While I have heard of people successfully completing transactions, mine was unsuccessful and their process to escalate the situation is abysmal. It's been one month, and I still have not received my money and they aren't able to give me any answers or resolution."

Robert Threm says

"It's a joke I told I think I got scammed so they don't let me send to anyone. I ordered a copy of transactions For $50 and money gram kept my money and never sent it. Maybe I should just report as fraud to my bank"


"I chose 1 star because I had to otherwise I would put a negative star !!! My account got blocked I called the 1800 num to figure out what happened I always pay my bills with money gram online they literally said it was blocked because they didn't like my information!!! WHATTTT ????? unprofessional!!!"

M Solomon says

"The same exact thing happened to my account as others mentioned here. I have been using MoneyGram for few years and suddenly they assumed my transaction was fraud for no apparent reason and blocked my account. I was attempting to send money to my grandmother which I have been doing through them for many years. The customers service representative were unprofessional and disrespectful. So disappointed. I hope someone in higher position clears this mess as more people are experiencing similar situation."

B Gha says

"For tow months they did not refund my amount that i was cancelled, they will lost your time."

Giselle S says

"I've tried to send money overseas to my niece as a wedding gift and Moneygram blocked my account. When I contacted them by phone the attendant asked me how long I new my niece and even though I told him for her entire 25 years, he said he couldn't send the money because it was a fraud. I am so angry. Luckily there are other ways to send money and she got her gift. I will never ever use moneygram again"

Christopher Hemminger says

"I created an account, tried to perform a transaction. I was immediately perma-banned from all MoneyGram services without a reason after calling and talking to 4 people including a supervisor. I was also informed that I would get my money back in 3-10 days. These guys are a scam and fraudulently using money they have illicitly acquired to line their own pockets."

Peter Guldberg says

"They block you and cancel their service for no reason. As many other people are experiencing, MoneyGram just block you, if you make a tiny tiny mistake. Could be a wrong spelled letter in the name, the wrong order of first name, middle name, last name for the money receiver etc. etc. And suddenly "they get suspicious" about you for the most silly reasons really. Then they categories you and those customers into a "risk group" and block them for good. Poor and sad way of treating a legit customer, i will never use MoneyGram again."

Alter Eggo says

"I attempted to send money overseas and Moneygram immediately suspended my account for no reason. I had read reviews of them doing this to others and was skeptical but now I've experienced it. Unbelievable and insulting.I demanded an explanation and customer support simply said that my account was closed. I had sent funds successfully to people in the same country previously with Western Union. Why do people use Moneygram? I will never try again."

Tammy Geertgens says

"I went to CVS to pay a fine to DmV threw Moneygram . Should have been a simple 10 minute process. I got there snd the kiost instructs you to call 800 on screen . I could have done that from home. But the 1 st person I spoke with was very nice but bad English , she did try but ended up spelling my name wrong , I had to call the 800 number again , this time a complete nightmare , This representative couldn’t get things right to save his life. Apprently he know English enough to understand the letters I was speaking . I probably spelled my last name atleast 50 times. He kept repeats me thing over an over . After a half hour on phone with that-representative , I hung up on him , I couldn’t take any more. A half hour an we hadn’t gotten past my last name . So I had to call a third time this one once again , not best English but not as bad as one before her. How about done American representatives that can understands? I’m not prejudice any thing like that but 3 representatives in a row , all foreign with terrible English , communication skills, you must have a standard for emploment? I for one will not use money gram again , just because it so fustrating an difficult to get threw it, atleast make your employees have some English skills cause it deterring customers from coming back"

Nasir Rashid says

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